Brian Crawford, USA: In my journey through yoga, spirituality and health I’ve found many teachers who not only inspire me but I’ve become truly grateful for getting to know personally. Please tag somebody who fits into these characteristics. A few years ago I had the pleasure of working for @xyogadubai fest where I had the honor or capturing many world class teachers. One teacher in Particular that I worked with was named Anita ( @msrawtastic ).

We kept in touch over the years and I ended up moving close to her hometown here in Bali recently. She has inspired me with her fierce perseverance to gain wisdom in the health and wellness industry. Anita was kind enough to hire me to shoot content for her own personal brand in her all encompassing holistic business. For Anita’s inspiring drive and her passion to freely give insightful knowledge to the masses I’m personally truly grateful to know her. Photo of @annaherrin one of @msrawtastic’s beautiful models and close friend.

Hands-On Center, Lebanon: Anita offered an amazing workshop on Holistic Detox at Hands On Center, in Achrafieh, Beirut. She filled the place with her positive vibes. She helped us reflect on and rethink our daily practices through a detoxed lens, and build healthy and holistic practices that can boost our energy, satisfaction and healthy lifestyle.

The techniques Anita demonstrated were very clear, thoughtful, and easy to implement. She is personable, so caring and highly motivational. She created a very comfortable space for us all.

We cannot wait to have Anita back for more!

Shirley Stewart – ANITA: a beautiful, gracious soul with passion, charisma and a smile that will light up any room. Anita has been our coach and mentor in a detox and weight loss program we started 3 weeks ago.

We arrived in Bali after spending an exhausting 5 months of intense travel around Europe and UK. We had obviously burnt the candle at both ends and overindulged with not the best of food choices.

I had just come off an antibiotic for an ear, eye and sinus infection and had been suffering from a very sore throat caused by a constant drip from my sinuses to my throat. Our systems were in urgent need of repair and restoration and I was the heaviest I’ve been in my whole lifetime.

Through Anita’s nurturing care and diagnosis we have undertaken a detox program which has included a vegan meal plan, daily sauna, massage, meditation, exercise, journaling with use of essential oils and supplements. The icing on the cake is that she has introduced us to raw vegan dietary plans and exciting new tastes in food. She has an absolute passion as a certified raw vegan chef and incredible knowledge of nutrition and what our bodies need for optimum health and wellbeing.

Anita is one of God’s angels that has fallen to earth to embrace us and shown us an exciting new path. She had virtually turned our lives around. In 3 weeks we are feeling clear headed, infection free, much improved skin condition, relaxed and nurtured and much lighter. David has lost 10kg and I’ve lost 6kg. We are absolutely amazed and feel we now have the tools to continue with a much healthier diet and lifestyle.

Thank you Anita for your extraordinary care and deep interest in our health and wellbeing and putting us both on track.
With much love and gratitude

David Stewart Oct 2018 – Meeting and being mentored by Anita and following her Vegan Detox and Cleanse has been one of those life changing events for me.
My wife and I came to Bali for a retreat not knowing what to expect. I found the whole experience fantastic and loved seeing the weight drop off daily. From the wonderfully balanced products, the raw food soups, shakes and desserts Anita made for us that were all gorgeous. Teaching us all the while how to incorporate what we were learning into our daily life when we return home. Even the periods of water fasting were not a big effort the way Anita structured it into our cleanse.

Having the sauna each day and swimming was a Godsend. Learning and applying meditation and Chi Gong was amazing and had a real calming effect on the body.
I rapidly lost weight which i had been accumulating for the last 40 years with overeating and the wrong foods. After 3 weeks in Bali I lost 12 KG and now 2 weeks later back home I am down 10KG in total.

I had no headaches and I am so very grateful to Anita for all her help and encouragement.

I would very much recommend her cleanse and detox program. The passion she feels for this lifestyle shines through to everyone following her instruction and inspiration.

Thank you Anita.

Bronte-Bali : This workshop was very insightful and fun to attend. We learned a great deal about essential oils, food combining and how to prepare raw foods. The food tasted really great and motivated me to do more home cooking. Over all a really good experience that I would definitely do again.

Ruby-Bali: Anita’s workshop was great for anyone who wants to learn the basics of raw veganism. I am already vegetarian but hearing about the use of essential oils and other alternatives to  use in cooking I left the workshop wanting to cook more vegan and raw vegan food. It was also great that Anita allowed participants to try some of the food made, it really kept the whole group involved and wanting more.

Belinda Zakka- Lebanon: I have tasted first hand a bunch of the foods the coach Anita had to offer and let me tell u it was a new experience for me, an amazing one as the food was succulent not only that but she was explaining why she uses the combinations after i went through a questioner about my life style my health and my mental well being and what i was seeking. She is a very dedicated coach willing to go all the way with u if she knows ur taking it seriously. She is always out there looking to learn and improve herself and her coaching. I hope i will be able to go back to Bali and spend more time in this peaceful country and with coach Anita if not then i will be more than glad to do it online.

Thank u again Coach Anita for taking the time and having the patience with someone like me who did not believe in healthy eating before u showed me the right path. Now im at 60% of eating healthy I hope I’ll be able to get there with your guidance.

Solange (Actress)-Lebanon : What i can say is that whenever i see her or consult with her for physical or psychological issues i always feel relieved. She has so much good energy to give and attention to everyone who comes to her in need.

She is a very organised and focused person and follows up on everything she does.

She always offers great and well researched advice and is the best in putting up a custom made diet that can benefit the body and mind in any situation.

She is not only the best advisor ,the best hollistic nutritionist, the best friend…she is family to me!

Love love love

Eka Safitri- Bali: My experience with Anita is amazing learning about raw vegan food is new to me and make me want  to learn more about it and put in my everyday life. She has amazing personality, strong and kindhearted person.

Ivana NLP -Bali: Darling Anita, you really are amazing, I admire you as a mother, wife and new friend. I am looking forward to learning from you as I believe you have such strength, composure to handle everything that life throws at you, there is so much love in you, you radiate …and it’s beautiful

Katarina NLP-Bali :Anita you are strong on your convictions and generous with your time, attention and advice. I admire your tenacity and love your gentle nature.

Graham NLP UK: You are an intelligent woman who thinks things through before voicing your opinion and share your knoweldge with all. You are caring and sympathetic. You are proud and very cool, calm and collected and it was wonderful to have you in our group.

Kelly NLP-Australia: You are a living example of mental strength and positive thinking and actions. And your commitment to health is just so inspiring. You have a very kind aura.

Aslinda  NLP-Bali: You are such a good role model and inspiration for me to be more healthy, happy and enjoy life, with your love, passion and soft spoken Smile.

Angie NLP-New Zealand: Anita, you are an amazingly strong & beautiful women, this radiates from within you. I admire your family spirit & your faith. You are a selfless giver, so generous, kind, caring & compassionate. I am truly blessed to have been able to spend time with you on our journey.

Dewi NLP-Bali: Anita, you are a jewel with  a generous and strong heart. You always find positivity in any given situation. Face all challenges with inner stillness. We need to make our shopping moment happen. You will be a great companion.

Leena NLP-India: Anita, I find you to be a woman of strength and grit. I love how you nurture yourself with the right foods.  I admire the way you balance your life even in the face of challenges.

Aradya NLP-Spain: What I love from Anita is her openness to share and to meet new people. Her joyful attitude towards life and always wanting to learn!

She has a big heart and this huge smile that lights up her whole expression.

I love how she overcomes life’s challenges and continues to make a difference by being the change we want to see in the world with her positive thinking and winner mindset!

It has been a pleasure sharing this moment with you

Linda NLP-Bali: Absolutely agree! Anita is such a brave girl who shares her deepest fear for others to learn about themselves. You’re a natural healer, freespirit, easy-going, loving, kind and caring. You take time to help others in need and share all your wonderful tips. You’re amazing!

Stephanie NLP-Bali: Anita, I love the fire & passion in your soul and the grace & kindness in your heart— You are strong, open, generous and an amazing mother! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge . You are an inspiration to all.

Elena NLP-Bali:Anita..you are Adorable, Nirvana, Ingenuity, Tenderly, Abundance of Energy. .Lots of Love

Dr Rangana-NLP UK :Beautiful and deeply committed to body, mind with a passion for raw. I love how you love to learn and notice the goodness in things and eager to help and care. I love how you recognise others for their greatness and give with an open heart.

Amber-NLP Australia: Anita, you are a Power House and a source of inspiration. I shared you story of triumph over fear of water with my wife as she is also scared of water and hence never leared to swim. You are a true fighter, someone who never gives and holds themselves together no matter what. You are strong and a beautiful human being,  Keep going, may the grace be with you and your family.

Sara Jane NLP-Bali :Beautiful Anita, you are dedicated to your family and fiercely loyal. You have boundless energy to create, assist, solve, act, love and learn. You are an amazing friend and one of the most generous people I have ever met – this is not just materially but of self. You are dedicated to your journey and are a very powerful healer on many levels; incorporating your many skills of aromatherapy, raw foods, nutrition, Pilates, flying yoga, NLP and your knowledge of the holistic ways. You are authentic, honest, intuitive and intelligent. I love surprising you when we discuss and seeing you laugh. You are an incredible wife, mother and home maker. You connect people. You are humble and a woman of faith. I love so much about you and could go on for pages. I’m glad you are in my life and I thank God for that. You are very dear to me. God bless you beautiful Anita.

Anne Aobdia, Bali: With Anita we worked on 3 different areas: Remove the doubt I had about myself in order to move to a new step of my life, learn how to eat healthier and in a way that suits me, and treat my cat for some health issues with essential oils. It turned out it was one of the best experiences I ever had with a holistic therapist. We went through a questionnaire about my actual life, and what was holding me back from moving forward. She pointed out the relationships with my family, and gave me some exercises in order to release the emotions from the past. I did them the same day, and that was extremely powerful and releasing. Then I wanted to learn more about food as I love eating. Anita taught me how to prepare some nice and healthy meals, and I had the extreme pleasure to taste her wonderful raw vegan food (probably the best that I ever ate). That was clear and simple, exactly what I needed, as I don’t have so much time to cook in my daily life. Then my cat had some health troubles (infections and cough) and I wanted to treat her in a natural way. Anita suggested essential oils and prepared the remedies. I started the treatment yesterday and I’m looking forward to seeing the effects. There would be millions of things to say about Anita; what comes to me first is that she is one of those beautiful persons whose heart is wide open, that she is incredibly good in what she does, and that she has so many skills and talents that no matter what your problem is, physical or emotional, she will always assist you in finding a solution for it. Thank you Anita for this wonderful experience, I’m feeling so grateful that I had the chance to meet you and work with you.

Hands-On Center, Lebanon

Anita offered an amazing workshop on Holistic Detox at Hands On Center, in Achrafieh, Beirut. She filled the place with her positive vibes. She helped us reflect on and rethink our daily practices through a detoxed lens, and build healthy and holistic practices that can boost our energy, satisfaction and healthy lifestyle.

The techniques Anita demonstrated were very clear, thoughtful, and easy to implement. She is personable, so caring and highly motivational. She created a very comfortable space for us all.

We cannot wait to have Anita back for more!

Mony,Ubud Yoga Center – Bali:Anita has wealth of knowledge about nutrition, health and yoga. However what important is her goal is to help people by healing from using the most natural and healthy way of living and she does it From a big kind heart.

Damien, Ubud Yoga Centre – Bali:Anita has exceptionally presented , explained and lead us to understand a healthier way of living and laid out the choices we can personally select that makes “the” difference.

The knowledge and experience is comprehensive and she has made myself/us happy and comfortable with the holistic approach to lifestyle and choice.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us