Hi, I’ve been a strict Vegetarian/Vegan for most of my life,
I became Raw Vegan since moving to Bali 5 years ago.

As a Certified Raw Vegan Chef, I have had a lifelong passion for Nutrition, Wellness and Holistic Healing which has led me to deep insight down my path.

We make our own choices regarding our health, diet and lifestyle. A diet rich in Raw Foods is a way of eating that respects your body, respects the earth and respects other living things.

I offer my  services as a Holistic Nutritionist Wellness Coach and a Raw Vegan Chef in Retreats & Workshops around the world.

Additionally coaching as a Neuro – Linguistic Programming Practitioner, NLP Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Certified Breakthrough and Timeline Technology Practitioner and a Metaphysics Clinical Aromatherapist I & II (ISAMS & NAHA, USA) and Certified in Spinal Flow.

RYS 200 hours Vinyassa and Hatha Yoga, FlyHigh, Sky, YogaBarre Level 1 & 2, Pre Natal, Post Natal & Kids, 150 hours Yin Yoga and an Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher. I’ve practiced Pilates for 20 years and I’m Certified Level 1 & 2 Shamanic Reiki, 500 hours Qigong Longevity, Ba Duan Jin, Heaven & Earth, 5 Elements, Shi Ba Shi Taiji, Zhan Zhuang Certified from Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School.

A globe-trotter since birth, born in West Africa I’ve lived all over the world. I have Lebanese-Swiss roots & recently founded Feed Your Soul Coaching to share with you my rich knowledge and experiences of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

My husband was diagnosed with deadly Multiple Myeloma two years ago, it is a form of blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow. It is a small cell not solid tumor based cancer, symptoms range from anemia, bleeding, constant flues, bone lesions, pain, including back pain, weakness, fatigue, and kidney failure or damage.

Environmental exposures to toxins, pollutants and exposure to radiation have been suggested as a cause but definitive data is lacking. There is no known medical treatment that cures Multiple Myeloma. However there are methods to decrease the severity of symptoms and prolong life.

Treatments include combinations of drugs, some are given as pills others are intravenous injections. These drugs affect or modulate the immune system, they include high doses of steroids and some oral or injectable chemotherapy, some patients may have high-dose chemotherapy followed by bone marrow stem cells transplant.

Personal experiences has shown us that making a lifestyle change has made a huge difference in modulating the cancer and living a quality life. My husband immediately changed his nutrition towards a vegan, plant based diet, eliminating all dairy, red meat, coffee and alcohol. We complemented his treatments with essential oils for the pain and for strengthening the immune system. High doses of vitamin C injections for stamina, and again boosted his immunity with high doses of vitamin K, D, E, rosveratrol, and turmeric. He exclusively used Stevia as a sweetener, avoiding sugar as this feeds the cancer cells. The underlying plan was to keep his body alkaline, high in oxygen and low in sugars since cancers thrive in anaerobic, acidic and high sugar environments.

My husband was one of the first patients to undergo a revolutionary new CAR-T medical trial treatment in China in August 2018 and has since been given the all clear and there is no trace of Myeloma cancer in his blood or bone marrow. He is one of the lucky few to be in full remission from this terminal cancer. Thanks to Western and Holistic treatments.

Make Lifestyle Changes

If you want to live a life of passion and purpose, where you are melting in love rather than living in fear or trying to progress only by a harder approach of constant discipline, then you are going to need to look within and really see what moves you. The more you peel back the layers of the mind, the purer, simpler and clearer your Divine desire will be.


Raw Food Workshops

It is more than just a diet, it’s an entire philosophy, a lifestyle. Eat all your favourite foods in a whole new way to build a vibrant and healthy body.



Mind & Body Detox

Detoxing is about a reset, cleansing and nourishment of the body, bones to skin, inside and out. When we detox physically, a lot of mental and emotional debris is released, making space for the healing to begin.


Spinal Flow

Spinal Flow works on the central nervous system which consists of the brain and the spinal cord being the most important organ of the body. Affecting every nerve coming out from the spinal cord, through the body’s spinal column supplying every organ and cell of the body.


Spinal Flow

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